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Automation in the pot industry is picking up with unforeseen speed

A couple of mentions of GN members in the article: @hardcarsecurity @jon @chrishelm @flowhub



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I wasn’t told I would be in the article. Nobody interviewed me, but it’s all good. 3 people have called me this morning wanting automation in their packaging procedure. We can do it.
We are releasing 2 new packaging machines to the market. A cone filling machine for volume cone makers and a scale system for the medium size farmer who wants to package flower. Not everyone can afford or needs the accuracy of the larger Micro420 flower packaging machine, so it was necessary to bring out our Radial combination scale system. It will be about half the price of it’s larger brother, but much less accurate.
Meridian Merchandising


Glad to hear you got some good publicity out of the article!


It’s not surprising to see automation picking up immensely. Since a lot of work is being automated in other sectors, it was only a matter of time it started appearing in legal grows too.

Web-apps incoming!