Automations in the Grow Room? What Software? What parameters are Controlled and Monitored through the system. What is the grow method used in application?

Hey Growers Network Community,

I have seen a lot of atmospheric automation units for grow rooms to control the environments. I would like to know what some of you are using or interested in possibly using and implementing it to your operation.

What are you guys using for controllers/software?
What are the Parameters in the grow room you control with the System?
Do you data log? Chart statistics to asses a better program?
What method of growing are you implementing this system into?

Im here to help as well as hear what people have to say about using automation in grow rooms Pro vs Cons.


I’d also like to add:

With regard to the popular systems of today…

What should be easier?

What is missing?

What is the biggest frustration you face implementing or using an automation platform?


I have used Link4 Iponic software/hardware as my environmental controllers for the last decade. Everything seems to function properly as it’s supposed to, they are easy to program, data log and generate reports and charts on the spot, and they can be controlled from anywhere on Earth with an internet connection. These are just the units that I have been using, but what are other @growopowners, @GrowOpEmployees and @mastergrowers using for environmental controllers?


The Guardian software from and the atrium system seems like a simple compact setup with easy additions and configurations.


Are you using the Iponic to control your nutrient delivery?


I am not using Iponic for nutrient delivery…still mixing by hand using a boat oar to agitate…I suppose I live in the dark ages in that regard.


Guardian software with AUD units


Anyone have experience with Heliospectra Lights or seen them implemented in a garden? If so what do you think are they worth it?


We have used Heliospectras to build some pretty rad vertically - tiered systems. I know some growers that really love those lights. I would also do your homework and shop around to secure the very best deal for your system. You can always reach out to the crew at Growers House. They’re super knowledgeable, friendly, and understand the application of all the different systems out there; as a bonus, they price match their competitors so you know you are getting the very best deal. Shoutout to @Nate!


I would ask them about their PAR maintenance on their lights, as I’ve yet to see an LED design that will maintain >95% of its output past 10000 hours, if they say otherwise they’re just trying to sell you. Do your ROI based on a 3 year replacement cycle and tell me if it’s worth it.

BlackDogLED and BIOS lighting make excellent lights, Fluence is almost as good a light but has better controllers.

Remember you want 1200ppfd over your entire canopy, not just at the center under the fixture. It’s hard to justify the expense of a retrofit for me (7.2 year ROI), but for new builds, places with very expensive power, and/or cooling costs will see a better ROI with LED’s.


@Lazyman Thank you for the input, advise, and knowledge shared. I think you bring up a very valid point when it comes to peak output operating duration and also PPFD as time goes on etc. clean lights often! great feedback thanks!


With recirculating delivery, you usually measure the tank by hand at the beginning of the feed week and let them drink that all week. No need to amend, but some do. Same thing for drain-to-waste except you measure the nute tank daily.

To mix, just manually or automatically turn some valves and run the delivery pump in mix mode before turning them again to feed. This, as well as flushing can all be done by a number of controllers, but iPonic is known to handle that.


Nice pro tip! I’ll have to try this one out