Autopot advise please

First time growing in autopot. I’m starting week 5 of flower. I have 2 plants on one 12 gallon res. And I’m feeding cultivation nation with flower fuel. These are some of the healthiest plants I’ve grown, the question is do I need a flush before the final flush? I can’t wrap my head around the fact I have no nute burn. Leads me to believe my mixing of nutes on a day to day needs improvement. Also, do I need to clean these smart valves? I’ve read nightmares but it’s going so good I hate to screw with it if I don’t have to. Thanks for all input.


I am still in the rookie stage for growing help.
However, I would think that you DO NOT need that first flush.
Some more experienced growers might tell you differently.
Please post pictures, and keep up the growing.


red hot cookies
do si dos


I’m not familiar with those nutrients, so I wouldn’t feel 100% confident answering about the flush, but your girls are gorgeous! :metal:


Thank you. The nutrients are fox farms newest trio. They are definitely not as hot. I have found people saying both ways flush and not too if not needed. I really don’t want to screw them up now.


Remember some growers dont even smoke. So flavor isnt always a concern from some. flushing provides better taste in the end.


I agree with @Slym3r about flushing for better taste. I also would prefer H2O in my plants when drying rather than nitrogen. But there is also evidence that flushing does not make much of a difference.

The results of a new research trial released this month show that flushing plants before harvest may not improve the quality of cannabis flower. The results seem to contradict the commonly held belief that flushing plants improves the taste and burnability of dried cannabis flower.


Great article @chrisj . that’s the second one I’ve seen on that but that one includes sources of tests. I have no choice but to try haha. Running the auto pot to finish. No flush. Wait…, then what makes the black ash?? I better do some more research…

    Okay what I'm reading temperature and Light in the final weeks add to chlorophyll degradation and that is actually makes a smoother smoke and white ash..🤔.. I need a bong rip after ground shattering shit like this.