Autopot springpot 5 gallon fabric pots

Brand spankin new autopots! This is my second indoor grow. I am using coco50%/perlite50% with 1” clay pebbles at bottom around and over an air dome. This system has a 12gallon res. It will be outside 3x3 tent. I am going to squeeze 4 plants in here. I’ve never used coco before so I got canna coco professional plus which is buffered and washed alone with their nutrient line just for coco. I’m told it’s easy. I’ll be the judge if that when I harvest.

Now from what the guy at the store (NE Hydropinics) told me, I just mix perlite/coco 50/50 and top water fir 10-14 days till roots have a chance to develope. That’s when I’ll turn the air on too. I’ll be using a Hanna tds meter with an apera PH pen.

Like I said I’ve never used anything but soil to grow. I was going to mix a nutrient solution of both parts till it reached about 500ppm on Hanna meter at the beginning and see how they respond. Should I full res all the way up? Or should I just add a couple gallons worth? 4 plants btw only in solo cups right now.


Well, I have no idea about any of it. So that being said I’m set to watch so I can learn right along with you. Let me sniff around and see if I can remember who else uses auto pots…:+1:t3::v:t3:


So correct me if I’m wrong but I used this system a while back and I remember you have to top water for like 2 weeks so the roots get into the pebbles.


Yes. My 4 seedlings are still in solo cups. The only issue is the solo cups are soil. I was hoping to shake as much soil off gently as possible and just drop what’s left in coco/perlite/pebble mix. I am using canna products thruout the whole grow. I am just reading and following best I can from 20 different sites. Lol fingers crossed.