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B2B Cannabis Transanctions


At Cybrswype, we have packaged an entire cryptocurrency driven blockchain payment network that is easy to digest and integrate. It offers a turn key experience to those interested in having unfettered access to big banks, world wide. Below is a snapshot of the Cybrswype Network.

  1. We provide crypto procurement for commercial use.
  2. We provide a standardized way to issue payment requests to companies with smart contracts.
  3. We provide a standardized way to pay with large amounts crypto you procure in step 1.
  4. We provide the liquidation into “clean” cash that can subsequently be banked anywhere in the U.S.A or abroad.
  5. We provide the accounting services as each transaction is logged on the Ethereum blockchain.

All parts of the above process can be facilitated within a single 24 hour period after properly registering (which is free). Once apart of Cybrswype, a customer gains access to our process. We can handle business, large (1MM plus) or small (100k plus).

Everything is peer to peer, everything is decentralized, and everyone’s information is kept private.

Ask us any questions, and check Us out on social media.

[email protected]