Babies all grown up

We are almost there!!


Looks dank @italfarmindank . Nice growing. What strains you have there?


Thanks brother, in this pic we have 2 trainwrecks from humboldt seed co, a lemon amnesia haze from a friend and 2 glookies from barneys.
I’m more into the old school strains but I had to throw in some new school stuff just to explore.
At my other grows I am working with some purple afghan kush from mzjill, forum stompers from mephisto, and some zkittles that I got gifted to me.
Can’t wait to get my own mother stable so I can start cultivar hunting, collecting pollen and crossing so I can find some gems to preserve.


trainwreck hhhnnnngggg how do they compare with the old genetics? I miss that strain! Did yours start out lanky?


It’s doing great I have 2 in this pic and another on another project. All 3 phenos are completely different. One is short and stacked buds are actually gassy and strong. Another pheno is taller and stacked as well fat buds but no gas super strong lemon smell.
The third is taller but the buds are a bit smaller with a strong lemon. Genetics by humboldt seed co. And honestly a lot of genetic variability but definitely worked in for yield and resilience. Can’t wait to taste and feel it! I love the old school strains my favorites are jack herer and northern lights! Some say they’re boring but I feel they are much more medicinal.


This is the way @italfarmindank walks into a room?

Welcome to the GN. You are growing massive beauties. Not your first rodeo eh?


Hahaha thanks so much for the warm welcome!
The more I grow and learn, the more I realize how much more I need to grow and learn lol! :rofl: