Back at it

Apologies for basically disappearing. A lot happened in my life very quickly so i’ll summarize. Found out I had a son. Cashed out my retirement. Son moved home and I became a full time single Dad. Quit my job at the Seattle grow. Built a quality industrial rosin press for myself. It collected dust for 2 months. This past week started making rosin again (75 to 100 grams or so). Tonight decarbed some trim and hash for tincture. Ill be more engaged again posting pics of what i’m processing. Missed you grow gals and guys. Just had to focus on my boy until things settled a bit.


Hey buddy you shouldn’t be apologies for anything, I hope now everything is settled or doing fine. Would love to see what’s coming.


Thats awesome man.


Not the prettiest of ladies but exactly what I wanted. Outdoor grown Cherry Pie OG. With a buddies help I was able to produce my first F1. Picking out all the beans and turning the rest of her into hash, rosin, and tincture.


Lots of creamy goodness starting to show in these alcohol tinctures. :green_heart: I prefer alcohol to oil. Nothing like cracking open a jar for a big sip. Reminds me of good shine back in The Ozarks. Except this White Lightning gets you so high you trip balls if you can stay awake. :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately my press is collecting dust and I haven’t popped any beans. Became a full time single dad and just can’t seem to keep up. Stopped growing in Seattle as well. The commute didn’t gel with daycare. If anyone knows of any cannabis industry work in the Bremerton, WA please let me know. Went back to processing metal and wood parts and applying Cerakote in the mean time.

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