Bags under my eyes

The bloke in the article asks: “I’ve noticed some bags developing under my eyes since I started smoking pot every day. Are they connected?”

I definitely have the bagging under my eyes with daily use. Pretty damn sure it’s related. But I wonder… is there anybody who can tell me more about the cause?


When the bags come its time to rest i tell myself, they say 6 months on 6 months off for weeds medicine. I think its more how u consume it through combustion but i dont know, never really thought about weed smokers eyes but i did noticed as a kid that stoners all looked super tired and well rested. Now am older i dont see the rose petal red tint anymore lol


I don’t get the red eyes easily anymore either. But the bags are there. I don’t combust, or very rarely. 95% of the time I vape dry herb.


I’m so stoned am scared of human combustion :smile: