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Basic Cannabis Drying

Guide Name: Basic Cannabis Drying
Lesson by: ChrisD
Topic: Cannabis Drying
Summary: This lesson will teach you the basics of cannabis drying

Materials Needed

  • Harvested Cannabis
  • Drying space with controlled temperature and humidity
  • Drying Rack/Screen
  • Dehumidifier (optional depending on your existing level of humidity control)
  • Moisture Meter (optional)

Environmental Parameters

  • Temperature of drying space should ideally be between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit (18-23 degrees Celsius)
  • Humidity will be gradually stepped down through the duration of the drying process. Initial drying humidity space humidity should be around 70% and will be decreased gradually to around 40%


  • Step 1: Collect your freshly harvest cannabis
  • Step 2: Measure the temperature and humidity in your drying space to ensure you are within the recommended parameters to begin drying, i.e. Temperature of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit (18-23 degrees Celsius); Humidity of around 70%
  • Step 3A: If your buds are still on their stems, you can hang them over a clothesline or string in your drying space
  • Step 3B: If your buds have been removed from the stems you can place them in a drying rack or mesh screen ( a re-purposed window screen is a good alternative to purchasing a drying rack)
  • Step 4: Leave cannabis to dry, ensuring your environmental conditions are controlled.
  • Step 5A: Check your cannabis daily, reducing your humidity by 5% each day until you reach a humidity of 35-40%
  • Step 5B: Gauge the dryness of your cannabis with your moisture meter (see manufacturer’s instructions for use) or you can bend the stems to assess dryness. If the stem bends but does not break, you will need to continue drying. If the stem snaps/breaks, it is adequately dry.

Additional Information:

  • Be careful not to lower the humidity of your drying space too quickly. This can lead to over drying.
  • When you’ve determined your cannabis is dried adequately, move to airtight container to avoid over drying.

Living FAQs

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