Been too long my friends!

So it’s been months since I’ve posted here. I quit my Level 2 Trauma Nurse position for good September 2021. I walked out with over 500 staff that refused to get Vaxxed! I went from Hero to Zero in a stroke of a pen, and absolutely no, or very little weak science… But I’m so much happier now! I’ve been traveling and living my life since then and never looked back. Unfortunately I shut my systems down in October. But I’m now growing for a local farm in Oregon. Plus just starting up a tent for breeding. All my other tents are being used to dial in a perpetual fungus production. I’m working with Albino Penis Envy, and Penis Envy #6 spores, plus the popular B+, and Z-strain spores. I fell back in love with psychedelics over the past few months. Especially my 1st experience with dmt and Ayahuasca in Colombia! Then coming across the infamous Penis Envy fungus strain back home. My soul has been rehealed from all the trauma it’s been through the past 16 years working in Nursing, then the Covid scamdemic. Mostly how blown out of proportion the whole virus has been, with a 98.3% survival rate. Why the hell would I be a lab rat, I have natural immunity that’s been protecting me just fine! But anyways…

I traveled to Colombia in November and spent the month collecting Landrace Genetics and hanging with colombiangrowgirl, and many other friends I met frequenting every grow shop I could make it too.

Now I’m growing for a local commercial company, and in the process of building a 7200 sqft facility to grow Premium Hydroponic Cannabis.

Mother’s at their seedling stage.

Old moms in the field, after taking 3 successful cuts from each. I’m in love with our Runtz Muffin strain!!


Welcome back and it sounds like you were able to experience a tremendous adventure
Oregon certainly has some beautiful grows!

Good luck and keep us filled in on your various endeavors!!!


Very envious looks to be you had a very exciting experience.

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