Beginner Grower

I am an inexperienced grower with just a base knowledge of how to grow. I would like to learn all that I can to get into the cannabis industry or at the very least a finger in the right direction. I would love to start my own grow op and get a dispensary started but I have no idea of where to even begin to start besides doing constant research any help would be appreciated thank you.


You started at the right place technical I was supposed to take the day off but I am always around so feel free to ask what u want


Welcome to the growers network. We are happy you are here.

Scout locations for grow and dispensary.
Make sure laws will allow your wants in each location.
Make your facility’s environmental controls at least 2x bigger than you expect.

Those are a few keys to start info gathering. There is much more to come.


Hi @khi

Welcome to GN. I think a great place to start learning as much as possible is the free courses GN University offer. They are comprehensive courses about growing cannabis and will give a good start to your journey.

Start with Cannabis 101 and then move onto the other 3 courses available.

You are welcome to ask any questions on the forum and our friendly community will help you along the way to.


Wow…2 months had no idea about that part of the site… anything else hiding in the shadows? Oh - most importantly welcome to GN kh I’ll tag along as I’m pretty new myself and I’m already gaining some insight from your thread… Good stuff - do you have any plants going currently?


Welcome @khi!!!
Im a newbie as well, this is the place, you hit pay dirt !!!

Man this is gold …thanks so much @chrisj !!


Thanks you guys I’m gonna check out the course now I’m going to be sure to upload progress and share any knowledge or insight I might get.

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Hey guys

The courses are serious gold. I am planning on enrolling on my second course this week. Would love feedback on how you found them and any questions, just shout.