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Beginner- leaves are different in color

why my leaves are different in color, who can save me!

Hard to determine with only a portion of the plant shown. It appears though that the entire plant is effected. My guess is there could be either an iron or manganese deficiency. Iron def results when leaves are yellow or white and the veins are mostly green and manganese deficiency is indicated by dying or dead spots may be between veins or the leaves.
My first thought is to flush the plant with 6.5 ph water a couple of times and go back to normal feeding. Bare in mind to always keep the ph somewhere between 6 and 7.
You will know in a few days if the procedure is successful by the new leaves looking normal.
Also, welcome aboard.

yea definitely a micro nutrient deficiency . My advice is Flush it Test the run off (total dissolved solid electro conductivity ph.) Just so you can see what it is. And then just use organics from here on out. People think nutrients grow these plants… it’s the amount of light that grows good plants. Don’t believe the guy at the hydro shop trying to sell you all kind of sh*t. Buy some bat guano some bird guano bone meal liquid fish amend your soil and you never have to worry about it again if your a soil grower.