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Being in the swamp at night


hearing noises. you do not want to know what is making the noise


I spent a lot of time deer hunting in a big swamp… something about having a bow and a knife makes me feel safe enough most of the time, but I definitely know what you mean. :smiley:


Peyote takes this issue to a whole new level…


We hunted Swanson Lake in Nebraska and the region below the lake was a tangled up nightmare of trees and brush with open leads of water and swampy shit everywhere. We called it “Vietnam” lol. One of our hunting party went in there with a 12 slug gun and ended up shooting a doe at, IIRC, 18 inches. That’s how tight it was in there lol.


Where I hunt is a huge marsh/swamp area that has six distinct patches of woods that are connected by narrow stretches of wooded high ground. Once you get yourself into the swamp far enough (requires hip waders) you can easily get out of reach of 99% of other hunters and into spots where you definitely don’t want to shoot any 1 1/2 year old buck. The work to get it out isn’t worth it. For straight meat hunting I can just go behind my parents’ house. Heh.


Unless you have an ak47 then you want to know exactly what is making the noise so you can go shoot it


Mike just got Nick’s birthday present. Apparently his friend that just moved had over $1,000 worth of steal point ammo that he didn’t want to take with him. He listed it on some site and never sold it. Mike said, “hey, I got $40” and he said “cool, it’s yours”.

I personally don’t see why anyone would need that much fire power, but that’s just me.


I used to be married to a cop. You spend enough time at the range you need to be stocked up in bullets. She routinely had a couple thousand round boxes of 5.56 and .40 in the house - cheaper to buy it in bulk and she burned through a lot of it. She availed herself of range time whenever she could.

In any case, you never known when some corporation will push human trials for an anti-aging drug that causes the zombie apocalypse. Could happen tomorrow. :wink:


There ya go, I guess he will be ready when zombies attack!!!

I knew someone would open my eyes to why he might need that ammo, thanks, Bog!


Back in the late 80’s when we shot .45cal IPSC my dad and I would go through 2000 rounds some weeks… and we re-inventoried with 2 multi stage presses to keep in supply…lol…