Best air pump?

Looking for insight on a good commercial air pump. Will use for compost teas & to aerate my 50 gal. Water barrels, really don’t need one that’s loud. Any & all help appreciated, seems to be a lot of them out there. Thanks!


Easy enough and a great idea. If you dont want noise, a submersible pump is best. 50 gal you want a pump to turn about 6 gallons per minute, 360 per hour. Have a look at this submersible.

Would say the 400 for $19 is about right. Easy to install.

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Thanks chrisj I have 3 diff. Size submersible water pumps, I 'm looking for air pumps.
Do you think that submersible pumps are better for putting oxygen in water?

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@Packee has a bubbler design and aerates 40 or 50 gallons at a time… I will try to get him in here… I will shoot him a text too to let him know about this…


He will be along when he is done in his garden… check it out in his journal… it’s surreal to stand in…

Thanks laditheif , my intentions are to run A big air stone in my rain barrels. I use rain water to water my girls (6 to 10 ppm) then bubble 1/8 th teaspoon dolomite lime to 1 gal water to bring it up to 50or 60 rpm. Btw I grow in living soil.

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He has a design for I think 3/8 or 1/2" ABS “air snake”… I seen it two days ago running and it aerates beautifully…and it’s close to a 40gallon barrel (can’t remember) I run an Air snake from Black Swallow Living Soil but its only good up to 10 gallons which is enough for me…I am putting it up on my youtube channel next week… @Packee

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Sorry about that, but see you are in good hands with @Ladithief. Late on a Friday and about to hit the hay. Will follow up in the morning and get some real advice about something i need to also do in the coming weeks.

Though I would give a update on what I have learned. I opted 4 a 32 watt vivosun &some 2x4 airstones. W/ both stones running in 2 -50 gallon barrels it makes it look like a rolling boil!
I’m sure that I can also run another stone for my 5 gallon tea bucket w/ no adverse effects.
Btw it is kinda loud but I have it outside .
Anywho if you don’t have 50 gallon barrels I would recommend the smaller 18 watt pump
Hope this is helpful.