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Best autoflower

What’s the best place to buy top autoflower genetics? Also photos. I’m out of seeds and trying to only grow the best. Any help please. Thanks

@MK3_Pharms… any ideas

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Lol, you’re funny @docee!

Fast buds, Dutch passion, and memphisto are your best bet if you insist.

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@MK3_Pharms sorry man didn’t realize this was the second asking …
@kapouic I know right lol

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I have autos and photos.

MSNL. Has the best genetics autos and photos for banks. If u insist on buying through a bank that’s where I would go. They have always impressed me.

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Hi. I’m sorry if I asked you again. This year has been terrible. I’m just trying to grow top plants and take care of my mom with throat cancer. And lots of shit going wrong. I tried DM but obviously didn’t do it right. Plus I have a shitty phone. Yea me. I guess I need help. Going to photos after I harvest what I have.

Ethos genetics.