Best CBD Vape Pen 2020: The Stellar Vaporizer Kit

Vaping enthusiasts know that the best way to enjoy CBD is when you use a vape pen. Any vape pen could be compatible with various oil extracts, but if the pen doesn’t give you that classy feel, it is as good as having none.

If you’re in search of a vaporizer kit that will hype your vaping experience, we got you covered. The Stellar vape pen is the real deal vape in 2020. The wax/Dab compatible pen is an upgrade from the legendary Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape kit.

Before we zero in on reviewing this high-end vape pen, let’s take a quick glance at the main features.


· Made with premium black stainless-steel casing

· Compatible with Wax/Dab plus over 500 Cartridges

· Gives the Stellar Flavor

· Has 4-level temperature settings

· It takes an estimated 5-10 seconds to heat up.

· Uses Conduction to heat up

· Has a 600 mAh Battery capacity

· Battery fitted with the TCR capability.

· Button-Activation is enabled

· Compatible with various oil extracts

Main Features


The Stellar CBD Vape Pen is the newest form of the Aurora vape pen. It’s made with a sleek-looking black stainless steel casing, which is long-lasting. The pen is easy to use; you can switch it on or off using the power button in the middle of the device. Further, the three temp settings allow you to control the intensity of vapor according to your preference.


Like many modern vape gadgets, the Stella pen is powered by a 600mAh battery. The use of lithium-ion technology significantly reduces the battery’s size and weight and makes the pen highly portable.

Besides, the device is rechargeable; this means that it is eco-friendly because you don’t need to buy multiple batteries. When the device is low on power, you can recharge it using a standard USB-C charger that is available in almost all electronics stores. The battery has been optimized to recharge quickly. You can use the pen while plugged into a power source since it supports pass-through charging.

The unique pen design features a threaded gold connection below the atomizer. The feature allows you to vape both CBD oil and wax.

Lastly, the battery has a temperature coefficient resistance, which enables the battery to regulate the voltage based on the heating coil temperature. For that reason, there is a constant flow of vapor since the heating component doesn’t overheat.


The device uses a ‘floating coil’ – the heating component does not come in contact with the metallic shell. Therefore, the pen cannot get uncomfortable to hold since there is minimal heat transfer to the pen’s body. The feature prevents you from having unnecessary breaks when vaping CBD oil.

Additionally, the coil is made of Alumina Ceramic, which can withstand high temperatures. The fact that the component cannot melt when the device is in use for a long time makes it perfect for multiple users.


The pen’s hourglass-shaped tip fits perfectly in your lips for smooth draws. The design allows you to hold the device using your mouth while vaping. It features a magnetic connection that enables you to load cannabis extract with ease.

Unlike other models, it comes with an airflow regulator that stops the content from splashing when inhaling the vapor.

How to use

The Stella pen is easy to use since it is similar to other vaping devices on the market. The only unique feature is the 3 temp settings, which allow you to regulate the temperature of the heating element between 550 and 775°F. If you are a new user, the following steps might be helpful:

  1. Pull the mouthpiece.

  2. Use the dap tool to load the wax in the heating component.

  3. Replace the mouthpiece.

  4. Turn the device on by pressing the power switch five times.

  5. Press the button thrice to change temp settings.

  6. If you need the preheat function, press the power button twice.

  7. Always press and hold the button while inhaling the vapor.

The device has an indicator which changes color depending on temperature settings. Green color indicates 550°F, Cyan indicates 630°F, and Orange represents 775°F. If you switch on the preheat function, the coil heats the wax at 460°F – you’ll see a purple color, and the gadget will vibrate when it finishes heating the contents.

The device also vibrates when you change temp settings or when turning it on or off. Lastly, the gadget has a logo that indicates battery status. When it blinks thrice, you’ll have to charge the battery.

Performance and quality

Dr. Stella vape pen is a high-quality device since it uses a durable coil that heats CBD oil faster than ordinary models. What makes the pen superior is the in-built TCR technology that maintains a constant stream of vapor and prevents the casing from overheating.

Further, the temp settings allow you to regulate the amount of wax you inhale in your vaping session. The feature makes the pen perfect for both newbies and experienced users who might need a higher CBD dosage.


In summary, the Stella vape pen is a highly portable device that can vaporize both CBD oils and wax. The product is user friendly since it features a color indicator, floating ceramic coil, and TCR component. If you are a regular CBD user or a beginner, you can consider using the Stella pen to vape your wax.

I don’t like vape pens for CBD. I prefer tinctures.


as for me I would like to try thc vape

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