Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for QA-sampling of Crops?

Question for experienced growers: what do you carry with you to perform on the spot dynamic quality sampling? I guess the best way to explain the question is to describe one way that I have solved it. Hopefully the reader will be able to generalize for their own situation.

OK in my crops I almost always have a variety of things going on and there are times when it would be helpful to be able to snatch a bud from the plant and sample it almost on-the-spot. For all the right reasons this is a non-starter but one habit I have gotten into is keeping a hand-held dry herb vape charged up and on-hand for doing grow chores. Then when I want or need to sample something I can just snatch a fresh bud, cut it up with some tiny scissors I have for that purpose, then more finely grind whats left. Its still wet plant material but chopped up this way it dries faster meaning it is consumable sooner. Now the other other glaring flaw in the general plan is w/o a cure that plant will roach your throat and badly too. The answer is the dry herb vape which takes those normally throat sacrificing buds and smooths them right out. Used correctly you can gently vape stuff that would peel paint from the walls if smoked normally. Thus when I snatch a bud and chop it up during grow chores, I can pack it immediately into my dry herb vape and be hitting it in less than one minute, smooth as silk. And hitting your own crop this way can give you an idea how they will turn out flavor-wise, not to mention potency.

In my case I use a fairly inexpensive beast of a dry herb vaoe called the Black Widow. Operating it is simplicity in itself, just pop off the top/mouthpiece, add your ground herb to the exposed chamber and close the top. When ready to use just tap the power button five times fast and it will start to heat the chamber to one of 5 settings, basically how hot to let the air get that will be used for the vaporization process. I can use the Up and Down buttons to adjust the target temperature, else I just wait and usually 30 seconds later it is up to temp. Then I just hit it and keep it in my pocket as I go about my grow chores, hitting a little more as a go. Fresh never tasted so good!

Thats what I use; what you use to sample your crops as they approach completion?


Ghost MV-1 is one I have really enjoyed. A lot of of people say they enjoy the PAX.
I’ve had a few bum vaporizers. Won’t mention those.


My vote is for Storz & Bickel’s Crafty+. Best, cleanest flavor and thickest vapor I’ve ever seen from a dry herb vaporizer. Seriously, the flavor is unmatched, though you have to keep up on the cleaning to keep the toasted resin taste from building up. I’ve purchased it twice and they’ve sent free replacements if they croak before the end of the 2-year warranty.

Hey Cheers folks; I really love vaping that stuff, it feels like it brings me closer to my plants when I can sample a little to see how they are doing w/o long dry/cure. Best of all to me I never heard of either of these and will look them up. FWIW a companion vape to the Black Widow is the Black Mamba II which is a fantastic ruggedized thing for cheap (25 bones or less, just like the Widow), totally rubberized outside, quick heat time and huge chamber. Then there was the DaVincie IQ which is WAY the fuck not worth it…I am happy with mine but always on the lookout for a better one…hey maybe I should spend my stimulus check on a Volcano!