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Best hash plants

Hey all. Was interested in growing some hash plants at home, and I was wondering what people’s experiences with different strains has been. First time grower, so all advice is appreciated. Currently, this was the strain I was interested in :

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Lost Coast Hash plant is nice from HSO… what tools do you have for making it… I am positive I can be of some help here… no matter how you plan on making it… what is your financial situation like… only need to know if you have no tools what so ever… I have way to much I could say with out knowing what and how and form you want your hash in

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Thanks for your reply! Currently, I have no tools at all, as I’m researching what I’m going to need to setup this kind of thing. Would appreciate any and all advice


I only know for certain it’s going to be indoor

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get a 5 gallon washing machine and a 5 gallon bubble bag kit… you don’t need an 8 bag system but a 5 is nice… makes ots of hash that way… all in for me $750 Canadian

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Who’s kits do you buy? How much material do you put in, and how much refined product do you get out?

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Humboltd Bags and 300g per run…

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40 to 50g depends… I have a refined way of doing it now and waiting for the freeze dryer…

Are you talking about growing hash plant the strain or making hash?

Both, really. What plant would be best for hash, and how to get the highest quality hash.
This is the method I was thinking about:

I have Afghan hash plant seeds avail. DM if interested