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Best high fat butter for edibles

Hi just wondering what type of butter everyone is using for the best weed butter. Every where you read it says high fat content (Like Amish). I can’t find it in my small town. Anyone ever order butter? From where? Just trying to improve my products. Trying to make the best. Any help appreciated

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My friend always extracts and makes her own from scratch but I do know she uses all organic butter to her mix

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As long as it’s unsalted it will work.

I use coconut oil or avocado oil to make my tea and unsalted Amish butter to make cannabudder


Ghee or coconut oil is best at capturing the good stuff.


Just remember, butter has a lot of water and other stuff in it. Clarified butter or ghee, is more effective and less wasteful: every bit of ghee you use comes out chock full of good stuff, while butter loses a lot of weight due to water loss.