Best light for flower development?

New to indoor. Trying to find out which style of light produces best quality flower.

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In my opinion good quality led or HPS. I’ve been told a few times to stay away from the blurple light. I’m a newer grower as well and bought some leds and wasn’t happy with them so I went with HPS that I know works good. I pay a little more in electricity but I think it’s worth it. I also recycle the bulbs so they don’t end up in the land fill.


@bryanlosing it depends on how much you want to spend. Ceramic Metal Halide is similar to HPS, but you can start and finish with it. Quantum boards are a good quality LED to grow with.


Each one has thief own style to them. Older growers like myself find cmh just like hps pretty easy to use. Because they are basically the same light we came up with.
LEDs grow plants a little differently. In my opinion. Not a huge fan at this point.


I agree. LED are just too expensive for an average joe to buy a good one if you have to live pay check to pay check. That’s why I probably won’t get one any time soon. Priorities to manage. I’ll stick with HPS for now.


I used hps for over 25 years with great results. Last year I switched to led and couldn’t be happier… The results speak for themselves. Better quality flowers and much less cost to do a run and no bulb depreciation. For me it was the right move.


Here’s a good talk on cannabis lighting. The take away is that it doesn’t really matter what the spectrum is or if it comes from HID or LED, so long as you’ve got enough light.

If we were talking about cars, it would be the same as saying it doesn’t matter if you make 400 horsepower from a small turbocharged engine or a high displacement V8, they’ll both get you to the same place in the same time.

If you can only cover a 2x2 area with 800+ PPFD and the area outside that is only getting 200 PPFD, you’re only going to get the best flower from the center.

Having the right quantity of light is way more important than the quality of the light.



Thanks for explaining. I want a powerful light that is going to produce. I am building a room that is 8x16x8 roughly.


Which style HPS?

Welcome to the community and thanks for the input!

When I ran hps it was Hortilux hps for bloom and Hortilux super daylight mh bulb for veg. If you haven’t purchased any lights yet you might want to checkout a CMH system.