Best pre roll grinder?

I am looking to purchase a pre roll grinder for a commercial operation. I am not looking for manual Santa Cruz type. Looking for a consistent grind, ease of use in commercial production, and not $20k! Please share your experiences, thanks in advance!


@EquipManufacturers, @EquipSuppliers, @DispensaryOwners, @DispensaryEmployees, @GrowOpEmployees, @growopowners: what’s your favorite commercial pre-roll grinder?


My neighbor that is a CO2 processor has the large Futurola grinder, they use it everyday and it has been a workhorse for them.


Pulling up a chair for this one. I’m interested as well.


I’ll just share our experience. We have one of the weed eater type grinders. It works very well and I would say for extract, you could argue that it is a very good option. We used the same machine for pre-rolls not long ago. It does make very quick work of significant amounts of flower but the material we were getting made the pre-rolls draw poorly. We played with timing and several variables and didn’t have much luck. A argument could be made that you shred a certain amount of the trichome heads at that speed. In any case, we just received our new, very big Santa Cruz. For the time being, we are very happy with it. I know what you are talking about with production and your needs.
One of the hard things about the business is taking time tested artisan methods from the amazing people that built this industry and learning how to scale them. Not always easy.



Please meet the STM Revolution cannabis grinder, launching in the next couple of weeks. (This is the first preview I’ve provided as we have not released this to the public yet.)

Fully automatic, no plastic weed-wacking whips, reduces labor, highly- polished stainless steel serrated blades, continuous feed for mass production and more - all built for true commercial use specifically for cannabis. Two particle screen sizes create a highly-consistent grind for optimizing weight variance and pack for pre-rolls and for achieving the highest yields for extraction. We’re the creators of the RocketBox pre-roll machine as well, so this grinder was built with pre-rolls in mind first and foremost.

Here’s a sneak peak:

STM Revolution cannabis grinder video

I’m sure you’ll have questions - feel free to ask away! :slight_smile:

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I recommend checking out KannaMill’s Hammermill units specifically designed for Cannabis and Hemp. They offer a VFD along with their units to give you the ability to speed up and slow down the motor speed. This gives you the ability to get a more coarse particle size when slowing down the RPM’s. The problem with a weed whacker type grinder is that it over-pulverizes the material creating very small particles which is not ideal for extraction/pre-rolls.