Best root stimulator younhave used?

using great White and King Crab ans sometimes Orca. Here that house/home and gardent has a very good one call Root extender (can’t remember the name) ? and there is K-l-N (DYNA-GROW (HYDRO)) also xtreme garding (myco, azros, ) have uuse all except the home gardens stuff (house) wanting to gove that a try but it’s expensive $50.00 +

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I replied to them ------------

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I used xtreme myco, but have switched to dynomico and I always use great white. :older_man::goat::blush:


do use both at the same time. I have never used to root enhancer but I think I need to so how do u use these??


Sprinkle GW on root ball, dynomico can be mixed in soil globally. :older_man::goat::blush:


Check out OregonISMxl.

I got my samples about two weeks back.


Great white.


As far as microbes/mycos I can say rootwise makes the very best microbes I have ever used, also a 3 part system if your looking for the full Monte this is it, compare these labels to your favorites, I bet they don’t have anywhere close to the count in these goodies!! Also build a soils inoculants of choice, but do not over use them at all they are super powerful and will cause issues if not used correctly. I’ll shoot a pic of packaging so u can compare with your inoculant of choice, I challenge all to post pics of the count on your favorite so all can learn!!

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breaking out the big guns🐸


Check out the count and dosages, this is potent stuff. Much more reactive than anything else on the market, i have tried every major inoculant but tribus and this is 100% the most effective🐸

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This stuff goes a very long way, at first glance this stuff looks pricey but it’s quite the opposite in fact, less than half the price than most inoculants, and tbh I don’t trust many other inoculants the local compassion club sends in samples of all inoculants they wish to sell and let me tell ya there’s a very short list of companies that actually sell you what’s on the label, almost all of them are not what they say, the few exceptions to this were , bio cannas rhizotonic, microbial mass and tribus I got the feeling like dynomyco was active as well (not that I have seen lab tests just from my experience)
The lab tests were scary tbh, Mary Jane brand 7x tested (different lots the sent to replace the fraudulent batches) = 0 microbes, like nothing but diatomaceous earth!! DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE!! donate your money to charity instead, it will at least help someone!. All others including bio war we’re off and missing components to their products labeling!! Kinda a shady industry if u ask me so find someone you can trust, try different products and you will find most are kinda ineffective compared to the real deal


Have the liquid and powder samples of – great stuff (roots organic) Go to PLant Revoluations for samples of great white, orca and king crab

Hey Zeus !! is that Dynomyco product ?

lasvegas — Really neeed to consider use of root stilumlaotr in the first 3 weeks of growth and then up tp week 4 of flower, Need to bulild the “root Ball” thats your foundation for big plants and yields

Are you looking for a bacteria or mycorrhizae?
We call these inoculants.
Inoculates are considered soil amendments.

Do you know what the difference of bacteria and fungus and which products contain what?
Are you using an Ectomycorrihizea or Endomycorrhizae inoculant because 1 of those does nothing for cannabis.

Has anyone ever showed you how to use an inoculant or the timing/frequency?

Which products have a built in activator? Why do some not?

What the heck is a Trichoderma?

What is the CFU Colony Forming Units or propagule count? How many different species? How many spores (eggs) are you dosing?

How much talc or what % of talc in the product, 80%?
Are you paying a lot of money for bottled water or a talc carrier doses @ 2 TBSP per gallon in hydro?

Hi @HawkMan
These are some things that I became aware and had some help with over time. Inoculants helped me get to the next level and grow better cannabis.

Soil amendments can be expensive but in my opinion lab made inoculants are worth it. I’m here to help and pass info, literature, and make sense of the questions listed above.
Kyle M


Lol well drop it @FarmerK ! Always love reading your posts lol.


good infor – been using great white, king crab, Orca and xterme garding products so these are amendents ? Dyno-myco is a inoculant - correct (next level) Thanks contacted dyno-myco never heaes of “free” samples geting cuopons codes