Best selling strains 2021

Was just curious to hear if anyone has any data on best selling strains. I’ve seen list of “best strains”, but they all seem like very opinionated articles. So what strains are selling the best?

I’m curious to figure out if these general “best strain” list directly correlates to a hirer volume of actual sales.

Thanks for the wisdom

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Hi @ddmortman

interesting question and you are right, but also alot of articles " Best Strains 2021 " could be or marketing purposes! I think you can look at large reputable websites like Weedmaps and
Leafly and get better examples of what is a trending strain. They use their data to work out the top strains of the year so its closer to the truth.

Take for instance Leafly mentioning Oklahoma’s( @Slym3r ) 2021 obsession with White Widow. They say Gelato a favorite in 2019/2020 lost ground to other strains like Wedding Cake, Runtz, Sour Tangie, Kush Mintz etc.


The way I look at it is the best is most likely going to be ones that won the various cannibis cups around the world. I used to go to High Times and look at the cup winners then start hunting fem seeds from that list. They are not always availible though, and not always availible in Fems.