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Best Techniques for Phenotype Hunting

Hi guys! I was wondering if y’all had favorite techniques/ preferences while phenotype hunting? If so can you please also list the pros & cons.


While I’m not a phenotype hunter myself, I would definitely recommend doing genotype testing to compare back to phenotypes. Would help ensure the stability of any given strain.

@Marigene tests for cannabis breeders, and I know there are others out there like Medicinal Genomics.


Ok I do not think I have ever seen a proven test on a plant that proves the genetics… So why test it?

I think you have to establish a genetic profile in order to claim a patent. I’ve heard of 3 patents being issued in a South American country (I think Chile or Argentina?) within the last year or two.

Ahh ok I thought you meant to test it to see what the genetics are that it
came from.

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