Best way to get a job in the industry?

I am super interested in getting into this industry but seem to be coming up short with the jobs I have applied for. any advice or job offers are greatly appreciated. Have a degree in Business with work experience in Golf Course management, Pool & Spa operation, civil design and tomato green houses. I am just looking for the right opportunity as an assistant grower to become a master grower. There is not much I can’t learn. Willing and wanting to relocate. If anyone has advice as to get started in the industry please let me know.


Have you tried @Vangst? Their site has a place where you can upload your resume and apply for jobs.


Network, network, network! For each job listing, there could be hundreds of applicants. How will you stick out? Network! Not only here, but there are in-person networking events and trade shows everywhere.

If you’re in AZ, send me your resume. I work with a ton of local cannabis companies who need employees.


sell yourself short, accept starvation wages , and be willing to surround yourself with money grubbing incompetent management.

Thats the easiest way ive seen.

Oh yeah if you cant be dumb at least play dumb.

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Also, check They have a lot of cannabis jobs.


Here’s some more that I met at MJBizCon:


One more:


You know here is my take on this. MJ culture used to be exclusive. invite only. now a days people just try to buy in. No one has to go through the old ways. its all about how much cash you have. Thats why i love seeing all these Old growers, and new growers. I never took the payoff to sell my secrets. nor did i buy into this market. i was born into it. Im not hating just stating my view.


:rofl: I’ve been doing all that!!!

Except the playing dumb part! It’s soooo hard! I did have the realization though…

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I feel you bro! Not selling out, doing it for the love and healing! Nor Cal is blowing up and I’m not leaving! Make it or break it!
@MK3_Pharms I’m loving this site…took me a while but seems like there are a ton of good folks.