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Beta Testers Needed

Hey Guys!
We are going to be rolling out our first series of soil carbon sensors soon and we need some beta testers! If you are interested in seeing how carbon in your soil is affecting your cannabis grow, and interested in looking for ways to optimize your business hit me up here or!

With this device we can measure amount of CO2, and grams of available CO2 per gram of soil, combine this with some yield data afterwards, or eventually THC data and we can work towards optimization.

As an beta (really alpha) tester we will support you all the way with this, as we get value from you testing it. Excited to here from those serious about using data and science at their farm or grow to make themselves even more competitive in the marketplace!


Maybe if we get enough interest drummed up, we can all work on a single group project together, think that would be fun in addition to your personal projects!


let me know , I am on the east coast consulting on farms . I love to try it out


Cool! This would be a neat tool to get in your hands so you could show it off to farms you consult.


yeah let me know

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I’m interested in trying it out. I’m a horticultural scientist specializing in cannabis.

Tod Dalotto

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We’d be interested in trying it out. I’m an agroecologist/horticulture scientist managing 60,000 sq,. ft of canopy space in central Washington state and we do a lot of consulting/collaboration with other grows in our area. We are Certified Kind and expect to be certified organic by our state’s dept. of ag. next year, so monitoring soil carbon levels is a top priority for us!

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I would be very happy to work with your team. I’m a very small artisanal grower and private collective owner. I spent time on your website and find your project very interesting. If you check my background you’ll see that in addition to cannabis I’ve worked quite a bit developing technology products and platforms.


Oliver Starr.