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Betty's V+B Dirty Test Notes

Yesterday, I started running the Veg+Bloom Dirty nute line. The plant I am testing it on will not recieve anything not included in the kit, except h2o and pH up/down.

As you can see from my main grow journal, the Veg+Bloom made watering her into her final home ridiculously easy. Still, I feel as though she’s missing out on a lot.

I also snuck in 1/16 tsp of Life directly into her 5 gallons of medium.


Day 14

Used the Push for the first time.

12 ml Push
1 qt RO
PH’d to 6.6 (started at 4.7!)

I gave her a good misting, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinsed her with RO and gently patted her dry. I like foliar feeding, but have been burnt before, so now I’m extra careful.

I prefer to apply foliar sprays just after lights on, when the stomata are usually wide open and I’m not fighting heat from the light. Tonight, I decided to just do it when I had time. Mostly, because I forgot to do it this morning.

Here she is after being sprayed, rinsed, and patted dry; pics with and without flash:


Hi Betty,

I wouldn’t suggest foliar spraying seedlings until sex has been determined. Push is a combination of plant saps, bio-available silica, and calcium. The plant saps are rich in natural hormones. Hormones of any sort are never a good idea on seedlings.

When you do use PUSH never pH balance your final solution. The pH changes immediately as the solution reacts to your ambient temp/humidity. Adding pH buffers changes the net chemistry and can burn.


I am not putting a 4.7 pH solution on my plant’s leaves. Everything I’ve ever read recommends a pH of between 6.2-7 for foliar feeding; that’s how I’ve always done it, too. Please explain why I should use it unadjusted, so I understand the science. :grinning:

That plant is 2 weeks old and an auto. It will probably start blooming in a week.

@devjyarn please post your questions elsewhere. This is not the thread to get general info from them.

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The pH changes immediately as it reacts to temp/humidity/plant tissue. If you aren’t comfortable using the product as directed please don’t feel obligated to use it. PUSH has been on the market for years with 1000s of happy end users.


Heck, it’s not even on the label that Push has silica or anything else besides calcium and a microbe food.

I would love to follow your instructions precisely, but nowhere do you have precise instructions (there’s an asterisk on the push). :grinning: I looked and looked. Even your feed charts are not exactly precise.

Edit: I have addressed the feed chart in my grow journal


Also, my plant is doing just fine, this morning. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.


It’s a feminized auto. Smh.


Hey, just found out this hasn’t been officially tested on autos, so this should be a very edumacational experience for us all.


Thank you @blackthumbbetty! We look forward to seeing how well your beautiful plant grows using the Veg+Bloom Dirty nute line.


Day# 17
First Feed

BB Blue Cheese got 6 cups of the following pH 6.5, unadjusted, solution:
1 gal Tap
2.5 grams Veg + Bloom
(she is a light feeder)

Day# 19 & 20
Push & Life

Yesterday, all was well when I left the house at noon. At midnight, when I was able to check on them again, Big Buddha Blue Cheese was showing a major Calcium deficiency. Friday was technically Push Day, anyway, but still–such an insane deficiency showing in only 12 hours! I blame the higher ppfd from this morning in combo with the Veg + Bloom line not having enough Calcium for the lights.

BBBC Push Application at 1:30am:
12ml Push
1 qt RO
NOT pH adjusted, per the company

Applied just before lights off. Applied, allowed to set a few minutes, rinsed, then dried.

BB Blue Cheese: 6 cups given at 3pm
1 gallon Tap
1 tsp Demeter’s Destiny
¼ tsp Persephone’s Palate
¼ tsp Life
pH 6.2
I wasn’t planning on adding any products except those included in the Veg+Bloom kit, but then I noticed a little loophole for myself: the instructions say to adjust everything up to an ec of .2-.3 using CalMag. Since this plant clearly needs the extra Calcium, I decided to add DD & PP to take my tap’s ec from .2 to just under .3. It was unnecessary for the ec, but I’ll use any excuse to get these girls the nutrients they need.


Big Buddha Blue Cheese Veg + Bloom
6 cups, unadjusted pH of 6.2
1 gallon Tap
4 gr V+B
1 tbsp Persephone
1 tsp Demeter

I decided to drop the Push completely and just go with the DD & PP for Calcium. Not too concerned with missing the Silica and other stuff in the Push.


Updates from the past week:


I actually scrapped this plant. I flushed her several weeks ago, because even giving my plant the smallest meals caused extreme nute excess. EC was over 2.8, preflush.

If the company can get an ec/tds chart going, rather than having people feed by weight, I will try using the products on a photoperiod plant. I mean, most companies offer these charts for their products. If there is such a thing from them, they failed to tell me about it when I asked the company directly about ec/tds of its feed schedule.

In closing, I’m sure these are good products, but I would never switch from Earth Juice to Veg +Bloom.


And this officially ends this thread. I won’t be monitoring it, any longer.

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Just recieved the products, today. I’ll post updates, here, but follow my grow journal for full details. Not much happening…yet.