Big boy cheesey nug

Mmm tastey




Very nice looking flowers.


nice big bud whats the strain


Sour og cheese

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I start my flush tm morning jus had a meeting w a friend and invester and schook hands ona deal to help expand my work so I’m verry happy and excited to be able to get more space and money to hone my craft and be able to help my community and save money to move me closer to my dream either becoming a comercial growers or working for a local grow house as a cultivated


Damn that’s beautiful

beautiful flower a expert at work

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Those are kind words my friend but I’m gettn there gota practice more w my hydroponics but I jus don’t have the room and environment at the house to set everything up and get back into it

Damn that looks beautiful imma fly you to Chicago I need some schooling lol

U Wana see it cured

Dude it’s crazy Liz I teach my whole block how to do out door and iv had random people I have no clue ask me to teach them they never offer any thing as payment kinda sucks kuz I’m trying to find a dispensary to grow for in my local place but the 1 person I sent my resume and cover letter won’t be hiring for another yr they jus got the building and I had a phone call about another spot ant another one 30 mins from home and they stood ansering my email and calls as soon as covid hit

So I really want to try to get growing for some1 jus haven’t had the opertunity been trying to meet people to point me to the people who can get me somewhere fuck il fly out anywhere as long as it’s worth it jus have only talked to 1 person put west who gave me the time of day so far

Everyone should be paid for there time and knowledge I don’t kno anyone who grows other then me and the people here on GN

I teach my neighbors for free kuz jus jus come by and smoke up my samples and eat my edibles but I do the same when I go to their house I drink there beer and eat there food so I try to be as generous as they are w me