Biggest Misconception Industry

What’s the biggest misconception in the cannabis industry today?
What’s the biggest misconception in your field?


Seed breeding and nutes


Lot of misconceptions with SOME growers in the cannabis industry, however I believe the industry itself is populated by a lot of talented individuals from many different professions acheiving some pretty incredible results in a relatively short period of time…

The misconception in my industry is that anyone with a PhD in front of their name was somehow annointed with the nexus of knowledge…when they most often don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground…two true incidents I have personally experienced to illustrate the point…

  1. When I was a senior in college we had a class field trip to a snowpea/chili pepper farm about 15 miles out of town. There were only about 12 students so we just loaded into 4 or 5 cars and drove up there. Besides the students there was the farmer, a couple instructors, and UC Plant nutrition PhD.
    When the tour broke up, everybody drove off and the guy that rode with me wanted to ask some specific questions of the grower concerning the snowpeas. He finished up and we walked back to my car… I noticed there was still another car parked nearby…the guy walked over and said his car wouldn’t start…I said no worries, and opened my trunk and pulled some jumper cables out…handed them to him and he turned pale as a sheet with a look of terror…our lettered dignitary had no fu$#ing idea how to open his hood and jump his battery!!
  2. Each winter we would have grower meetings arranged by the Ag Commisioners where Manufacturer reps would come and talk about any new materials that are coming to market and usually a couple UC PhD’s would talk about new developments on any number of plant pests or deseases. Ofter times there will be a couple generations of growers that will be at these meetings.
    The meeting adjourned and as I was walking through the parking lot I heard one of the college age kids say " That Dr. X sure sounds like a expert on navel orange worm" Pops or Grampa didn’t skip a beat saying “He can afford to sound like a expert…he’s more that 50 miles from home and no one here
    will know what a horse’s ass he is”…Honestly I thought I was going to piss myself for sure!!

“and that’s all I’m going to say about that” Forrest Gump


Hi @drooks

I think the biggest misconception in the cannabis industry is THC vs CBD debate. I think CBD has allowed cannabis to make a faster entrance into the traditional markets and minds of people but people are being confused about cannabis. They say CBD is not psychoactive.

Definition of psychoactive - “A drug or other substance that affects how the brain works and causes changes in mood, awareness, thoughts, feelings, or behavior.”

So cannabis is still classified as a drug in most countries worldwide, and CBD is a substance that alters our brain. I think the confusion of CBD vs Isolates, full and broad spectrum as well as isolates are the most confusing for everyone relearning about the power of cannabis.

Like @Slym3r says seed breeding. The generally accepted terms of indica, sativa, ruderalis is not cast in stone and is a naming convention accepted in the late 19th century. I these need to be updated and new terms need to be developed to classify the different varieties and identification of other compounds.


that the cannabis industry needs big business . the supply need to come from HOME GROWS .


Well said @treedawg, that is one of the most important points.


hell yea we do want big business nor do we need them they will just put out a bad product @ acrazy high price…


The trash weed here is 2 dollars a g. They have 30 zips too… The best quality goes for 350 to 425 and it is fire! We have some tremendous growers in Oklahoma. A handful of very talented artists.


TRUTH! I have seen people use CBD straws in their tea and claim to be high. some said they had a reduction in pain and that is good enough for me. i have seen it in stores and seen it pulled from stores NOBODY in charge has figured it out yet. i hope its in my lifetime to see weed legalized everywhere in every form. :green_heart:


An interesting point of view happening in South Africa at the moment is guys who purchased R&D cannabis licenses when they were available, put millions into legal grow facilities are being forced to enter the black market because they are unable to sell their product. So now they are making oils from their flower, crossing the border into Lesotho ( pretending to be fishing and the oil is cooking oil ) and getting their products into a legal markets. Some of these licensee holders are selling their top product into the local black market way under the usual prices. Amazing how business works!!!

The trash weed here is 2 dollars

So top quality tunnel grown legal weed is being sold at $1 on the black market.