Black cherry punch

My black cherry punch seems like it grew too stems together I wonder if I fIMed it instead of topped it and then it grew together

Well hopefully it will produce double the yield

no that is a sport mutation of the stalk i have had 2 so far. they are more like a polylploid the plant may have an extra chromosome. It may make seriously bigger yeilds or different dense buds. I would grow the shit out of that and clone it for later. thats got the potential to be something great. The 2 plants i had i grew and flowered. My brother told me to throw it in the trash when it was young. I did not. I have a clone of it and it made bigger buds than any of the plants I Grew did before.
WOW is what i say. Thats how shapeshiter found and created freakshow. I would love a freak show clone for my own testing purposes.

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Sweeeeet!!! Good stuff