Blue cheese auto flower

Is there anything I can do to help get a bigger harvest.plant is about 5 weeks using happy frog soil in a 5 gal fabric pot.i had a slow start because of there being a nutrient buildup so I flushed it and just been using water.its been a week since the flush.i plan on using these nutrients at some point during the grow.i just don’t know which one and when and how to going to wait one more week to start giving it a small dose of nutrients every other feed.ive been watering every other day. Light schedule is 18/6.

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I use the same & after reading the bottle instructions I numbered the bottles to know which to use when. I did reduce the amounts because soil already has nuits in it. Seedlings: I just water & maintain PH until they grow strong roots. After trans plant (about 2 -3 weeks) Initiate 2 of nutrients at lower dosage every other day. Then Flower time: I stop the 1st two & start the flowering nutrients. You have to careful as you don’t want to burn them.
I have a constant high PH I’m trying to control with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar & water mix.