Blue cheese auto flowering update

5 week old blue cheese auto do I still have time for LST training. I’ve been told yes and no because it being a autoflower.


LST couldn’t hurt…looks like you’ve already got some going. what made you second guess it?

I’ve had a couple people tell me im not able to train anymore because of it being a autoflower .and I’ve been told I can all the way to harvest.

Once they pop out of the seed theyre on a timer. cant see how it would hurt the plants also you dont want a christmas tree lol

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With autoflowers it could possibly stunt the growth,depending on how far along your into flowering.i don’t think it applies to mine yet but I could be wrong


The whole point behind low stress training, is it’s low stress. Unless you really get rough with them or wait until the stems are already starting to stiffen up, it shouldn’t stunt them. That being said, I don’t see where you could do much more LST on that one or really benefit from any more. I’d keep what you have and let her do her thing.

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That made me laugh…

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