Blue Dream taste test

Took advice of a poster to snip a few buds along the way, try it for fun and gauge readiness. With I’d say 30 pct amber pistils and still clear trichomes, it’s a pleasant smoke, dreamy light at first then knock down a bit. Been in flush for two weeks now, will give it at least 1.5 more. Should I stop flushing with water now?
The 2 Indicas (ninja) are just the nicest little plants. Need a few weeks more for sure. Using Fox Farm buds n bloom once a week on those.

Thanks to all the folks here with great advice and pics of their efforts. Planning now for next year!
Peace in Learning


Hi @jorge417

Thanks for sharing and looking good. Nice way to test your plant by taking samples as it goes along. How long have your plants been in flower? Flushing is only necessary for a week, and some people dont even find it necessary to flush, especially when in outdoor soil.