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Boot wash alternative?

Season’s greetings Growers Network community!

At MJBizCon in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, we learned that a lot of @growopowners are using some kind of boot wash/chemical bath in their facilities and generally they are not exactly satisfied with this solution due to the hassle and expense with maintaining them, tracking liquids around which become safety hazards, etc.

The alternative we presented, our HealthySole UVC light germicidal system, received a ton of very positive feedback.


This is the first clinically tested UVC product to kill up to 99.99% of exposed microorganisms, such as all dangerous pathogens, on the soles of footwear in only eight (8) seconds. HealthySole is an active UVC germicidal system that reduces contamination and infectious organisms with virtually no workflow interruption, additional staff or monetary cost to operate.

If you would like to learn more facts or watch videos on this essential alternative, please visit our website or contact us toll-free at (877) 595-7463.

Of course, feel free to reply to this thread and ask any questions you have.