Bought a pre-owned set up - not sure if ideal

Hello! I stumbled my way into growing this summer.

In late winter, for shits and giggles I germinated some seeds that had some been saved from less than ideal flowers that I had purchased. Just growing them under some cheap LED shop lights in the basement, and they eventually put them in 5 gallon cloth pots, and they started to do pretty well! Tall, and skinny, but growing.

So I browsed craigslist to just look at tents, and found a two tent set up for $500 with everything I needed to REALLY get into this - and I’m excited! But, I’m not sure if its the ideal setup, or could be improved.
So any advice on what might need to be replaced or added etc is appreciated!

Veg / Clone Tent - Gorilla Shorty 2’x2’,
Flowering Tent - Gorilla Shorty 2’x4’
(both with extensions to 5’8" in height)

Veg / Clone Light - Agrobrite Designer T5 192W 2’ 8-Tube, not sure but bulbs look 5000 - 5600k
Flower Light - Agrobrite Designer T5 324W 4’ 6-Tube Fixture with Lamps - looks like 4000k bulbs

2x Can Fan S-400, with Can-Lite Filters - mounted at top of tent above lights.
2x small clip on fans at the bottom of tent.

Currently nothing in the Veg/Clone tent yet. Planning to start over from seed once I have some more info.

The flower tent seems to be sitting at 81 - 85 degrees and only 32% humidity.
The lamp is fairly far above the tops of the plants at this time, about 12".
I worry this is too hot, and too dry. Should I turn off half the bulbs? Or would that cause stress?

I already had to cut out one plant due to herming.
So currently have three decent looking gals in the tent, and two more outside the tent just under the crappy LED shop lights. Both on 12/12. (and three plants I put outside just to see what would happen, they’re small, but flowering!)

not the best photo, but a rough idea of where I’m at.

Another question I have is, where to get started with nutrients.
I’m feeling overwhelmed at the options.

The easy way to test you heat other plants is rest your hand under the light where the tops of the plants are and see if it burns you. If not your ok. Nutrients are harder to recommend. Price, organic vs non, and many others. I went with the organic kind that matched my soil. I use foxfarm stuff. They have starter packs in each brand that will encompass veg thru bloom. Once you have that then you play with recipes or just keep it simple if that works for you. All farmers are different.