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Boveda 2 week Challenge

They do dry up… I have had them last 6 months before they sarted crystallizing and I had to replace… I swear by them…


Sweet! I’ve been looking forward to it. I have been debating on just saying fuck it and buying some but this should do help me decide… and that’s how they get you! Lol


No there is no hooking here… they work… you might goto 58 or 48% but that is prefernce… I and all my friends use 62%… burn nice and burns slow…


I dont use the boveda packs I use the boost and they do the same with the humidity and they are cheaper and last for a while I still have mine from my last run in a Mason jar still good as the day I opened em I googled it and another thread here on GN came up and had a link I just applied and should be notified in 4 to 6 weeks

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Shit it took so long I forgot I registered for it… I was in vegas chatting with the boveda people… and integra… I explained to integra… Why switch… but if do come out with there terpene pack in enough strains to reintroduce the proper strain specific terpenes…I would be will to switch…

It's been 14 days today! I've been itching to open these babies up but fought the temptation. In my opinion along with 2 of my neighbors and one who is a fellow grower. Clensing my senses with fresh grounds after each intake I felt I was able to make a clear judgement. 

I had identical results with both test tubs when it comes to the aroma before grinding it up and after grinding it up. Before grind it was kinda veggie but you could tell there was something there. The after grind released a pungent sweet and gassy aroma punching you in the nose. I then loaded two new clean pipes. Took a rip off the first pipe with the boveda cure and had a little cough but was left with a pleasent after taste. I then chilled for a few minutes and drank about a half glass of water and let the effects settle in till I was ready for the second non boveda cure. I took a rip and was able to hold it in for a few but didn’t cough. It seamed to have a slightly better taste and just a little smoother. The texture and moistness of the flower had the biggest difference. The non boveda was dryer and stems snapped. The flower has a consistent dryness with a slight crunch without breaking any calyx or leaves off. The boveda cure has more moisture and the center was noticeably stickier.
My over all thought is that this product would be good for long term bud storage. I don’t think 2 weeks of cure is long enough to justify the product. Maybe a month would be more sufficient and have some better results. But in my overall opinion for 2 weeks I personally liked the non cure taste. That’s one thing I look for in a good smoke and if it doesn’t have the good taste then I may not be a fan. #bovedachallange @bovedacannabis