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Boveda Wants to Hear From YOU!

Hi everyone!

Announcing a 5 week series of feedback requests from you the many growers here.

The series will be on the topic of “Harvest”.

In my eyes, the harvest has 5 steps & so for the next 5 weeks I will be asking how YOU do each of the 5 steps. Boveda learns from those doing the actual growing so what better way than ask how each of you harvest?

At the end of 5 weeks I’ll put everyone’s name in 5 draws for the new Boveda Butler!

You can check it out here:


Here’s Week 1’s Questionnaire.
(Please copy & paste the questions below the dotted line & answer)

Boveda wants to hear what you do to prepare for your harvest.

Most agree that there are 5 distinct phases in this last & final push of time, energy, & patience. All agree that much can be learned from those who have been doing this for years --that possibly being you.

Boveda wants to hear all voices.

Each week over the next 5 weeks there will be a new questionnaire. Your names will be recorded for each week’s questionnaire and at the end of the 5 weeks I’ll draw one name for each week. There will be 5 lucky winners getting a Boveda Butler!

Step One: To Flush or not to flush? That is the question that Boveda wants you to answer :slight_smile:

As most know, the word “flush” is given to the action of feeding only water for a period of time before the cut. Yes, this step is debated online with the idea being that the time spent with no nutrients is too much loss in yield to justify the results. To others, it’s about purity & safety.


You can answer inside the quote that appears when you click ‘reply’. No time limit but new Q’s weekly for the next 5 weeks. Boveda thanks you & encourages you to have fun :slight_smile:

We’re all ears.

There are products to add in the days/weeks before the cut.

Do you use any of these products?

DIY (recipe or how-to) or Store (which product)?

Do you flush?

A>if yes, for how long?

>>do you count days or ‘waterings’?

>>>do you merely feed water or do you actually flush the entire medium with fresh water?

B>if no, why not?

FREE REIGN: This is where we hope you’ll expand on some of those tiny details subjective to each of you when preparing for the cut:


I love Boveda. Some of my 8g packs are almost 2 yrs old and still working very well in double widemouth 1qt Mason Jars. The preservation of the final product is awesome.


Cool new product Dan!


Step One: To Flush or not to flush? That is the question that Boveda wants you to answer.

I use the word “Finish” the plant. Never ever using R.O at all ever. You crazy!
My plants grow all the way until chop. Prime time baby.
The Finish is 1 week after the cut. Most of the time it’s last 2 weeks or week.
I use 2 humic acids. Fulvic and (Humalite 1-0-16) to filter the water, medium, removes salts, clean roots, strips toxins/metals, and feed the plant only what it needs.
I continue to use N until chop. Nitrite from Amino Acids. Soy Protien Hydrolysate cleaned with ethonal. Do not use Nitrates in Finish!
I also use a very pure clean stripped of all toxins dry powder molasses (0-0-3) from sugar cane and _________.
For inoculents no more fungi cause it won’t hatch in time, save money.
Microbes for sure and moderate. Bacillus microbes bonded to dextrose, sucrose, amino acids, brewers yeast.
Finally, little Silica from Quartz Zeolite.
Si is crucial to harden cells walls and super important in PRESERVATION of your prized crop!
We call it Elemental Organic Compost Tea.
That’s no poops.
Kyle M.


Passed gas

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