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Brand name

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to come up with a catchy brand name for the cannabis brand I want to start. Does anyone have any ideas? I do not want to have the words cannabis, Marijuana, 420, and all of that in the name.

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It would help if you gave some info about your location, product you wish to introduce, or anything that would help in brainstorming for a name.


I’m in California and I’m taking about a name for packaging smoke products for example in the images below

image image


Bear Flag Flower
Best Coast Genetics
Fault Line Flower
Diverse Genetics
Wild West Flavors


If you gave us a little insight into yourself. Your product. Something’s about your history. Why your brand is distinct. We can tailor a name to your brand. Please contact us about our consultaton services. Brand development as well as operations set up is part of what we do at MK3 Associated Consulting.


Those brand names are already brand names because of previous Fame… Originality and “POP out at you” are key… Company I sub contract for is HAILO flooring… Why hailo because if you put 2 names together you get hailo… Hailey + Logan… But when you here the name what’s the first thing that pops in your head :wink:

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I like the name idea you have