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Brand new to the cannabis industry/looking for a job!


My name is Megan and I recently got my support badge to work in Denver, Colorado. I enjoy using weed myself, but have zero experience working in a warehouse or dispensary. I am very interested in learning as much as I can. I am very dependable and will be a hard worker. Ideally, I would like an assistant grower position, but don’t mind climbing my way to that position and working as a budtender first. Is there anyone here willing to take a chance on me or can refer me somewhere?

Your help is appreciated!


Never work for anything less than it costs you to live +20%.
too many out there hoping to make it by undercutting their own employees.
this is an extreme case of short term thinking and shows that its a get even quick scam.
If you have to short your own employees to make ends then the market will correct you.