Breaking into the industry.. Help please

Hello guys,

I need help with getting a job in cultivation as a semi-skilled migrant from the UK. I have 5 years experience & good practical knowledge of Cannabis life cycle and importance of a healthy Rhizosphere. Any help is appreciated, and if you have a job opening then please reply or personal message me.


Where you based?


The UK. It’s a small island chain off the coast of France…


Where you at?

Do you want my Postcode or what? hahaha. Fools like you are the reason the world is in a mess I hope you know that… Better yourself, and work to better others instead of being the spanner in a machine you have no concept of its mechanics… Thank you for your time and good luck :+1: you need it. :six_pointed_star:

That seems uncalled for.
If you’re looking for work in the industry, being able to be decent to people who ask a simple question is probably the first requirement.


Well considering the UK is a very small island and cannabis cultivation is a crime… when stupid is, then stupid does I’m afraid sir. Mabye if my first exchange of words was with a coherent person, and not a person trying to lead a honest man down a unworthy path. We need to be serious here if this is going to be a worldwide industry and cutting out the prophane is a good start. Thanks for your reply.

“A semi-skilled migrant from the UK” doesn’t exactly give a definitive present geographic location. My interpretation was that you had migrated from the UK to another location. But with that now cleared up, people interested in working with you know where you’re based.

The person asking above could have been trying to narrow down your location to see if working at a large medical producer was within a reasonable commute for you.

Good luck in your search.


Thanks, this is a good reply and is what I originally wanted as it is constructive in my efforts… I am a British Native. A ferry skilled cultivator, but the reason I’d say semi skilled is because, in England there are different categories and entry level horticulture is generally a lower paid lower skill classification.

I have zero interest in staying in the UK as the government are not likely to entertain a parliamentary lecture never mind considering full legalization.
The UK has been a word leader in exporting medical Cannabis for a long time largely unknown to the public. When it comes to being enslaved and lied to… the Americans got it bad but the British wrote the book.

Poor guy… LOL

What do you mean by poor… as in poor that Cannabis Prices are much better in the UK, or poor that I got to wait to save up £30000 to fund my first month or so at Vancouver whilst piping the tracks at Whistler bike park… … Lol

Dude as a brit, it pains me to see this attitude - lets keep it positive and humble :slight_smile:


I know bro but this is why the black market is still BOOMING because the real growers can’t get solid information, or a foothold & people aren’t taking this as a serious worldwide growing industry yet. I signed up for this network to put the feelers out to see what information or structures there are in place. I was willing to take a vast pay cut to pursue my life and career without persecution. I wish you luck fellow Brit, and I wish you a leap in consciousness. :sun_with_face::first_quarter_moon_with_face::+1:. It is easy to mock, and put a uninfomed comment or sentence, but holding a intelliget converse of words is out of the picture. Thanks to Devjyarn as he was informative and helpful. I’ll just keep doing my thing & probably be back in a few years as the industry, or at least is patron’s mature. Sorry for opening this thread consider it a closed case I do not wish to pursue this line of inquiry any further.