Breeding Grounds - Help me Create some Fire! Super Mold Resistant Strains

Hey guys , Grower of 15 years ,over the years I have come across some very good genetics which I have held onto from classics and modern strains. Breeding is something I’ve never really gotten into more than same strain breeding , Crossing I haven’t done much. Strains I go for are highly mold resistant as outdoors where I grow it can be anywhere from 80 to 90% humidity at nights and 70%during the day, overcast days can easily be 80%+.

Going into licenced growing I only want to produce the best of the best and get rid of some my not so appealing genetics for good .

3 strains Chosen for this cross breed program

Peyoti Wifi #77 - Extraordinary Male was found , Purple Sacs and leaves - Stem Rub gives off Gassy with some lemon hints Great structure , sac look like Bud.

BlueBerry #41 - great yielder , Fruity notes , good leaf to bud ratio and good structure( untopped grows 5 feet tall with many branches)

Mimosa Evo #9 - This one is the banger, has to be in my top 5 of strains ever smokes in all m years, from 20 plants this pheno has a super high Lemon /Pineapple smell dense buds and a fast flowering time of 7 weeks.

So far I have produced F1 seeds of both crosses currently about 4 weeks in veg and some in flower.

Results so Far

PW x BB Cross Plants Definitely show more Wifi genetics, all plants show consistent patterns in growth ,gives off a Very weird smell nothing like I’ve come across before it stinks menthol and a smelly armpit).

PW X Mim Cross I think I may have found a winning combination here!!! Fast Growing Buds super smelly at weeks 3 flower. slight variation in growth patterns but all growing well. loving the smell on these girls super gas!!!

Cloning is not really an option for me as i dont have a viable space for mothers and all the clones I would need (currently producing about 450 clones a month 75% success rate) where i would need over 1200 clones to select the best 1000?

Seeds I can pop in trays 3 x3 inches and 100 trays easily (18 sites) In day outdoors with lighting

now is where I need the help of fellow breeders

If these offspring show a level of mold resistance I will continue the program as that as is my aim, gas with high resistance.

My goal is 1000 female plants per Crop every 3 months roughly

I Dont Mind a mix of phenos and slight variations as everything would be marketable.

Would of liked to make all Feminized seeds but sadly females did not create sacs fast enough.
Might do F3s as fems.

Can I Use Multiple F1 Males to pollinate F1 females?

When should I be Back Crossing to original Mother?

etc etc etc… All input is greatly appreciated thanks!


Welcome. @PreyBird1 shoukf be able to answer all your questions, for sure.




Holy crap man thats a lot of questions at once.
1000 females per crop. From seed?
Seeds to maturity takes 47-50 days. Im sure you know that. I typically can get 10,000 seeds per plant depending on how easy i can reverse it.

The rate your going to be doing crop rotation is more attainable with clones and tissue culture. But if your already making clones then you already know all about that.
Femmanising should be started on the female 3 weeks before. Then flipped and at week 2. Now you can flip the other females to flower this gives you the correct time frame to get the femmanized plants sending pollen before. But depending on when you polinate also affects total seeds at the end. And a polinated female will continue to make more seeds over time. I like to time it to where i have skittle sized budlets before i let the reversed female polinate it so i can get maximum seed qauntitys. Also a plant thats got males flowers weather its reversed or not should still keep producing male flowers until it dies. Ive kept regular males in flower for 5.5 months until they die they never stop popping flower pods. Females that are reversed do try and revert back and i have never kept a femanised plant more than the flower cycle. Ive been meaning to test this out more.

But i would make a few clones and backcross to them. Because your going to need to test the prodigy seeds anyways also so if you have multiple mothers it makes it a little easier. I dont keep mothers per se’ i always clone to a new mother. I have a friend that has the same mother and its now 38yrs old. And he got me into clone to mother. Every or any new clone is a potential mother. This also allows you to discard the plant if the backcross doesnt work out. But your growing on a much much bigger scale than. @bullfrog420 is a great breeder also.

I never liked using multiple males. You cannot tell what male sired the best plants. And if you spent all the time getting a nice male then why confuse the situation? When i breed with multiple females i always use one male and i separate the seeded flower so they never get the seeds mixed up. Because once you identify what male and female you used to creat the strain there are more possibilities. And now you can try a few different things to what works the best.

Your getting 75% clone rate? Are the clones top cuts. Or lower shoots?
Also @cooperm here is a professional cloner hes smart and great person to ask.


@PreyBird1 heya thanks for all the input, i was taking a long think about my situation and I’ve decided to not go far into breeding. too much stuff going on to dive down the rabbit hole right now.
My Other 2 crosses are just gonna produce fillers until I can can consistently produce 1000 Mimosa Evo clones per month,

Sadly my facilities are not complete but good things have happened in this last 6 months . Coming from 15 strains and 100s of phenos I am now down to the finest mold resistant cannabis I could find.

Mimosa Evo will be My main strain I now have 3 giant mothers and 50 clones on the way. this will be my bread and butter clone only as I know exactly what this plant is.

If I find a keeper from these crosses I would want to reveg as space is a big issue right now which is all dedicate mother plants and clones, My sleeping area is basically a cannabis clone room Until things get finished up with the home , greenhouses and outdoor cloning room so I must dedicate this space to the strain i know 100% percent Mimosa Evo.

Clones are being cut from all over the plant once a decent branch has formed, plain water in Bubble cloners

5 days in Cloner

Mimosa Evo


Try and use top cuts only. They branch better for me anyways. I have tried cloning every piece of the plant and it always works out better in the end to have the tops. What rooting agent are you using? Dou you cut the leaves cecause of space in the cloner. Is that home made? Is there air inside the cloner like a tiny fan? Or is there bubble stones under the cover?

I want you to try something for me. I edited a pic of yours. Where i marked red cut these off flush. And slice into the stem a little then use your finger and peel the skin the stem down and off.


I’m using Clonex gel at the moment, its a diy bubble cloner 24 sites ,stem tips about 1 inch in water .I usual trim leaves to avoid mold as its 80%+ humidity ambient right now. After diagonal cut I scrape stems and Dip then into cloner with pump off for 15 mins then on 24/7

ill be doing another run of clones later this week where ill try your way as some of the clones have started to show bumps.

I’m starting to wonder if it has something to with temps, earlier this year success rate was much higher when temp were up coming from 30- 32c days to now very cool days of about 26c . Cloning time was a few days quicker back then with about 90% success rate. Literally doing the same process I did then also.



these are 10 day clones. Using just a turbo cloner and clonex. All you need is a pump and sprayers. The sprayers make rooting happen quickest. Ive treid 3 different ways of cloning. Your way of doing is the 2nd fastest way.

Edit: i also never turn my cloner off. When im using it it’s always running. I burned the 1st pump. My 2nd pump is making noise and i have a 3rd pump on standby incase.


If your getting into the comercial side of things, then you need to get your cloning consistant and faster. You should be busting roots no later than 10-14 days, with time you should be able to get it down to 7-10 days with a 99-100% root rate. As for your new F1 crosses…have you flowered the strain out several times before recrossing or decking out hundreds of clones? You need to make sure the cross you made as an F1 is going to be stable and consistant. Some crosses wont show negetive traits until later down the lines, but you should be ok if you know the history and quality of the parents lineages.


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