Breeding Noob

Whats up everyone. I decided to start this round all from seed. I popped 30 seeds from what I know to be reputable breeders and amigos here on GN. 26 made it to a pot. I’ve had 2 die. I flipped a week ago and I just got my first 4 males. A Pineapple Express, 2 Green Cherries, and a Titan x Alien OG. I want to breed the Pineapple Express and Titan x Alien OG with some of the others i have duplicated in my room. Now that the California light schedule is prime and the weather is right what do you guys think about throwing everything I want to breed outside and let nature take its course? I don’t want it to affect any of my other girls inside so ill obviously be taking caution not to cross contaminated.


this will receive both sides of the feelings brackets.
some who will be cool with it. some who think you need to collect pollen and apply it.

i say do what makes you grow! good luck one way or another.


Hi @sleeperjunky

Sounds like you have all the tools to make some top strains yourself. Some advice would be to do it as “scientifically” as possible, and collect the pollen first and then apply. You will thank yourself in the future. Females will collect pollen from miles away outdoors, so try and keep it as simple for your ladies, you could even consider crossing one female with different males, and know for sure what you getting out.


I agree with Chrisj, @sleeperjunky. You’d be better off collecting your pollen and applying it yourself. It’s going to give you a more accurate way of crossing your plants. Then you know what pollen went on which plant.

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