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Buds seem abit airy

Growing under fluorescents. I have no idea the strain these are. Found a bunch of seeds on a friends coffee table. Lol
They are in week 8-9 of flowering.


Welcome to the GN Family @boomer
Hope you learn as much as we do here.
Your plant look good. Give us abit more details of your grow, grow medium, nutes, tea’s?
Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


This would be the reason for your title. :wink:
All in all plants look good tho. And welcome. :+1::v::wave:


Grow medium is a high end popping soil. Haven’t used any nutrients just straight water that sits for over 24 hrs before use.

All I did was trained plants to grow low due to my grow space height.

I live in Newfoundland, Canada


Good job so far. Nova Scotia here. :+1::v:
Love the diy cabinet too. :+1:

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Welcome to GN @boomer!
Lights and Nutrients are the 2 biggest factors for great buds. (i found that out in this very forum, not long ago).
If you don’t want to use any nutrients, you might want to look into living soils… growers have amazing results with that… check out @Ladithief and @Packee’s thread if you’d like to see some magical trees :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy growing sir,

Oh and your plants look great anyway!


Welcome to GN @boomer. You have done very well with your setup. And looked like that training worked out for you. With some nutrients and more light you would have definetly got more bud for your buck.


I just picked up a 1000watt hps fixture but can only get a red spectrum bulb. Is this gonna be ok to use for my last 2-3 weeks of flower?


Fantastic. Definitely add them for your last few weeks of flower. More than likely get alot more grams of yield.