Budstones shed

Hello all,
Going to be growing some autos from @not2sureyet.
They are in the post and will be dropped asap. Still to check out the selection.
I have two Autopots, aka Apots.
Four cutter soul-skins. 1750 drivers running the pairs
Also have a HLG quantum board run on a 2100 driver. All 3,000k
Grow in coco peat.
The nutrients are still undecided. Was going to go Advanced Nutrients but are not available.
Looking at the Green Planet range.
Anyone tried it?
Apparently they are from your part of the world @Ladithief, so they can’t be too bad.

Will be back when the seeds arrive.
Thanks to @el_kabong, @not2sureyet and @peck for the seeds.
Much appreciated.
Let’s see what we can do with them.

Keep on smoking guys!..



Good luck mate!

I cant wait to watch the cycle take its course…

Peace & Toke.


All the best bud. Looking forward to seeing your grow journal.


Thanks @mj1 and @chrisj,
Looking forward to this grow with my old family from ILGM that have moved to this fine site aswel as my new friends here at the Growers Network.

Just ordered the starting nutrients for this grow.
Going with the Green Planet range.
To start I have ordered,
Dual Fuel 1& 2,
Plant guard,
Vitathrive and their procal for the coco.
This should get the girls off to a good start.
The rest of the nutrients will have to wait till after Xmass.
Being a family man I have be careful not to upset the wife.
Hopefully the seeds Will be here soon.

As well as the auto grow I already have some seedlings going. One a Sour Diesel, the other is a Northen lights auto. Neither of which are performing. I’ll transplant into some veg potting mix later today and see if they want to grow…

Keep on smoking all…


I use green planet nutrients… Its the shit bro… I get the 3part and also get the cal mag and the terpinator… Plants love that shit. I’m running 7 different strains atm, and all the plants are loving it. I just follow what’s on the bottle… Seems too work perfect. Just in veg I tend to give a tad less…:facepunch:t3::facepunch:t3::facepunch:t3:


G’day @ultrapuff,
Awsome to find someone who has used these nutrients.
I’ve just ordered what was in the chart for veg…

If there’s anything else you think I should order please don’t hesitate to let me know mate. Is that Terpinator for flowering?


Yeah man… I bought the pack that comes micro, grow, bloom, verithrive, massive, liquid weight and resin. My lights are very strong so I use a low dose of cal mag. And I use the terpinator for that extra frost… I got a legit rosin press… So i like playing with it.


Micro, that’s not on my chart.
Damn, why not?
Ordered some. Thanks mate.
I hope you realise I’m going to be hitting you up about these nutrients till I get it the hang of them…
You may be sorry you chimed in @ultrapuff… …