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Building a grow room

Hello! I’m a relatively new grower in Michigan, and I am about to transform my 9x10 bedroom into a grow room. I plan to grow the max my state allows which is twelve plants. I’m conflicted on a couple of aspects. I’m debating between using the entire room and growing 12 plants at once, or split the room into two by building a wall through it so I can have a veg section and a separate flower section. I’m also not sure what lights I should purchase. I’m definitely looking to use LED’s. I don’t have a strict budget to adhere to, though I’m not looking to spend any “unnecessary” money. I don’t want to cut corners though either. I’m looking to grow quality over quantity also. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I’m not familiar with the laws in your state, but does it only state you can grow 12 plants, or does it say anything like 12 mature or flowering plants. A lot of states will allow you to have both veg and flowering plant allowances.
You have a lot of options. And not just in the room setup. You need to decide if your going to grow each time from seed, Grown clones you buy, clones you grow (which you will/would need at least one mother plant for), you also could just go with auto-flower seeds which would alleviate the need for separate rooms for veg/flower. Personally I do it old school. I have separate rooms/enclosures for my mother plants, clones, veg, and flower, as well as 2 small rooms for my breeding program. The first thing I think you should decide upon is the type of seeds you plan on growing. Once chosen it’ll be a lot easier to spec out requirements for your space.


Everything in the laws written so far state “no more than 12 plants”. Nothing is said regarding the state of said plants, so I will likely keep it at 12 total. I’ll be growing from seed and my medium will be soil. I currently have seeds that I acquired from a good friend who has been breeding for several years both here in Michigan as well as in Southern California. I have seeds from about five different strains, but I have enough of each strain to do a full run of twelve plants of a single strain, which I would pretty much have to do if I keep the room as one large room, I assume.

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I started with a single room and wanted to keep my cycles in sync. That went down the drain quick. U will find one or two plants holding u up from moving onto the next cycle Bc they take longer to flower than others.

Having a room for veg and one for flower is ideal. U can have a perpetual grow and move plants between the two rooms as they finish.

U can also grow reg seeds and use your flower room to sex them if u chose. Having the two separate rooms allows u a lot more freedom in my opinion.

Congrats on your new space however u choose to build it.


Lighting will be most of your budget, and should be. Two separate areas for flower and veg is highly recommended. Horticulture lighting group will be the most budget friendly. Rapid LED sells kits you can wire together.
Both companies offer fixtures that cover a 4x4 area.
I have a rapid led fixture for my 4x4.
Welcome, and I’m from MI also.


I’d personally build a 2 sepret rooms. That way your not waiting 3 plus months to harvest again. You could flip one every few weeks to a month. I don’t have much experience with LED but I’ve been told to stay away from the cheap systems and the blurple lights. Yeah they may grow some stuff but to me and every other grow I’ve seen they are not worth it. You’d need to look at the more expensive fixtures or I’ve heard the DIY quantum boards are really good. I run HPS and see a sognificant difference between HPS and led. T-5 could be another option for veg.

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