Building a new grow - need five 1000w HPS lights

Hello everybody,

I need to buy five 1000w HPS lights w/ 8" vents. I’ve used the Sun Systems xxxl magnum grow light in the past and I liked them a lot. Does anybody have experience with similar lights for a good price? I’m a bit interested in LEDs but I get fantastic results with large vented HPS lights so I’m wary of spending twice as much to try something new when I know I’m happy with the results of the HPS lights.

But if it’s cheaper and you get better results from building led lights…please let me know. I’m not sure what to believe about these LEDs.

Thanks a lot for any help!


CMH all the way


I’ve heard good things about CMH the past couple years but I never see any CMH hoods with venting. I have 8 ft ceilings and Im in Arizona so heat is an issue. I like the 8" air cooled ducts on those bigger hoods.


There is a few models from sun system that have venting.

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How do you feel about Gavita Plasma? Gavita Pro 270 LEP is the model Im seeing for $250 at the nearby grow store.

Nevermind, after doingsome research these things are no good unless used as supplemental lighting. I think I’ll just go with what I know. Thanks anyway

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