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Building a simple two bucket DWC

I have built quite a few DWC systems. This setup was probably the easiest to build and grows great plants. The final product should look like something similar to this


This allows the grower the ability to change out their water and add nutrients without disturbing the plant which is important if your in a scrog or the plant is huge and heavy.

This article explains exactly how to build a system like this so I just thought I would share in case there are people looking to build a simple but effective dwc system

By adding a submersible pump to the second bucket and pumping the water out of it and into the plant bucket creates an under current recirculating DWC by allowing the water to drain back into the second bucket from the plant bucket through the connecting pipe.

I know you said you were interested in possibly doing a DWC @hoppiefrog @Hemp_Nature

Hopefully this will help you or anyone else looking for something simple and cheap yet effective @hobbyist


Also here is a video on how to install uniseals



If you ever have a leaky uniseal then here is a video on how to stop it from leaking


I always use bulkhead fittings are the uniseals cheap


Pretty cheap…couple of bucks a piece


Way cheaper than bulkheads haha they are like 10-20$ ea


Ya here I found them for about 5$ shipped to your door

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Sweet that’s cheap enough


Here’s another article on a multi bucket undercurrent setup

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Article and videos in case your like me and hate to read.

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