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Buy a shirt, get pot 'gift': Companies exploit legal loophole

So this is a strange one that I’m not a big fan of. Several companies are “selling” t-shirts, and a “gift” of cannabis happens to come along with them. It’s basically exploiting a legal loophole of gifting cannabis between two adults. I’m not a fan of flouting the law, especially since it could easily come back to bite us.


Oi. I have a lot to say about this lol…

In terms of shipping, it’s a very common practice for cannabis items to come disguised in other packages, especially internationally or from anyone that is likely not licensed lol. Anything international is subject to customs searches, and say, in the case of cannabis seeds (nobody is importing those, right?) they are considered contraband. So what companies have done is found “stealth shipping options” to help ensure users are getting what they order (by sneaking it past customs, quote unquote.) Tins, wallets, t-shirts. Ah, but the t-shirts started getting unfolded. The NEW one is to create a tag for the shirts with a hollow on the inside of the tag. So now that XXXL tag on my oversized “I Get High!” t-shirt I use for a full-length manly nightgown also contains 5 feminized seeds (etc etc.)

There is a user on Facebook that started selling posters on a popular website that are actually seeds (people order an expensive poster from links he shares specifically) and they get seeds in the mail instead.

Personally I hope this stuff goes away. I think of some 12 year old kid ordering stuff online with mom’s credit card and the news story that would soon follow.


Where there is a loophole, there is a way.

Can we PLEASE see the “I Get High” man-gown?


Careful Nick! :rofl: You’re talking to the guy that tried to get the breeder FastBuds to do a live video feed of what I tried to describe to him as a “Bongathon Thongathon,” where a rep from their company and I would live video feed bong rips on a timed schedule wearing nothing but a smile and banana hammock until the first person tapped on all of our social media outlets for the Autoflower Network. They respectfully declined after about a week of letting the idea simmer (we were so close! It was going to be epic!)

I think you should round up some warehouse workers for a Polar Bear challenge!

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Sweet evil Jesus! Now that would be a sight to behold!

I bet on a hot June day in Tucson I could readily assemble the entire staff for a Polar Bear challenge…the problem is the nearest cold body of water is thousands of miles away!