Buying seeds

I live in Colorado and I’m interested in buying seeds online. I’m looking at seedsman but I’m not sure if I can order online from another state or country legally. Anyone have any advice?


Yes you can. I’ve ordered from seedsman a few times And I’m in the United States. Lately a lot of seed banks for having trouble with credit card transactions. I know some offer that if you pay by check you get more free seeds :wink:


I just got an order from they can take a check routing number and account info and get the payment taken care of. then they call back and set up the shipment from another call center. The first time i ordered it freaked me out and i changed the shipping address. And then that confused the lady on the phone and then a supervisor popped in fixed it.
I was actually just browsing there inventory and like window shopping. I put some seeds into the shopping cart just comparing things i liked and went to bed. They called me and said you left your cart and so i bought the seeds…


I had a great experience with seedsman I’m in the northeast us took 5 weeks but I recieved 15 free seeds on a 110$ order for the 420 promo last year most of my flower tent right now is full of genetics I got from them some barneys red diesel and nirvana mango skunk and just wow next run I decided I’m running seedsman strains got black sugar and white widow