Calcium deficiency a month into flower - Blueberry Auto

I’m about a month into bloom with my (first ever) Blueberry auto. She was fine going into bloom, but started seeing signs soon after flower. My run-off pH is a little low (5.3-5.6). I have a couple of (large) mother photoperiod plants in the same tent and the only feeding difference is that I am using Buddha Grow for the them (still in veg) and switched to Buddha Bloom for the girl in question. Using Happy Frog soil. Having some problems with hydrophobicity. My buddy gave me some of his home-made compost teas and it seemed to help. At this point, I don’t care if I have to use a synthetic - I’m trying to do damage control now. Any suggestions? I know I’m leaving out some specs, but I have an extensive plant research background so I don’t think I’m overlooking an obvious issue. Any advice is appreciated!

From what it sounds like, CalMag might do the trick…


Yep, calmag should fix her right up


If you don’t have or don’t use ph up/down you can adjust the ph with lemon juice or baking soda (not a long term solution)

Baking soda will bring up the ph
Lemon juice will lower ph


Thanks, I’ve been using baking soda. These nutrients really drop the ph. Was a little concerned the baking soda might raise EC too much, so I’m glad to have confirmation other’s use it.

Thanks, I’ll order some today.